"SOGO Break"






"Beginner's Mind"

"Control your Body, Contol your Breathe, Control your Mind."

"Help each other, Care for reach other."

"Sometimes in life unexpeced things happen"

......How you take it, how you overcome, how you accept it

"Determination, Strong Willingness, Strong Mind."

             "Many rivers flow to the sea"

We all take different paths. But the ultimate aim in our training is the same for all -to be a better person.

"Together we Survive, Together we Grow"

"A thief hiding in a mountain is easier to find than the thief, ego & shortcomings hiding in your mind."

Inscription at the entrance to the  Eihei-ji Temple, JAPAN

All images are available as:

11" x 17" prints                in 16" x 20" mats

     suitable for framing ........... @ $ 75

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